Omnipel Technologies

Poron ® Performance

High comfort for the entire life of the shoe. 100% open cell PU shock absorber for insoles

100% open cell PU shock absorber for insoles, breathable, antibacterial, does not bottom out.
Open-cell structure for a lightweight breathability that keeps feet cool and dry while maintaining performance step after step.
Poron® Performance resists compression set and returns to at least 98% of the original shape to maintain fit and cushioning
Superior shock absorption. Helps prevent fatigue from repeated step shock by reducing energy transfer to joints and muscles

Poron ® Plus

All-day cushioning comfort

Poron® Plus grants the perfect amount of softness with added energy return for women’s comfort/cushioning footwear and athletic footwear.

Poron ® 94 (slow rebound – lento rilascio/memory)

Soft, natural-feeling comfort that lasts throughout the daily activities

Poron® 94 adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot offering that non-invasive support that is the basis of comfort.Millions of cells distribute body’s weight evenly, relieving pressure on the foot and providing comfortable support.Poron® 94 guarantees comfort for the life of the shoe, while returning to its original thickness after each use. Its open cells guarantee breathability and freshness and the Microban® treatment provides an excellent antibacterial shield.

Poron ® 92 (slow memory)

Unique custom contouring with excellent impact absorption

Contouring material for tongue, collar and ankle cushion or for gloves, which will continue to return to its original shape when not in use.

Controlled Energy return, excellent impact absorption, open cell and breathable, antifungal.


Poron ® Dual Layer

Memory foam feel with athletic performance


Simultaneous advantages of two distinct technologies permanently integrated into a composite system: contouring comfort with impact absorption.
The top layer offers customized comfort. The bottom layer provides shock absorption and all-day support. The combination creates unmatched performance. Consistent compression force deflection evenly distributes weight to support key pressure points and reduce discomfort

Poron ® Vive

The ideal shock absorber for athletic shoes giving energy return with every step

Unique combination of cushioning, shock absorption and energy return, engineered for the long run, having a consistent repeated impact absorption.

Poron® Vive has the greatest resistance to tearing and highest resilience (high rebound). This material works fantastic in athletic shoes giving energy return with each and every step.

Poron® Vive reduces and redirects shock forces away from the foot and delivers a “lift off” zone for maximum propulsion and an energy-efficient stride.

Poron ® Resource

The great shock absorber which comfort that respects the environment

The perfect shock absorber which uses bio-based alternatives through the placement of 45% petroleum-based polyol with soy keeping all features of Poron® Performance: open cell, breathable, rebounds to its original form after every step, won’t break down over time. The engineering of Poron Materials gives great comfort and performance underfoot to the customer.

Poron ® Cadence

Soft and supportive cushioning that lasts the entire work shift and beyond

Material geared towards people who are on their feet all day…nurses, factory workers, kitchen staff, and others.  Has a great step in feel providing support, performance, and high resilience plus energy return.

Poron ® Embrace

Memory Foam with Custom Contouring for Comfort that lasts

Poron® Embrace has the soft squishy feel of memory foam and, on the contrary of all other memory foams, will return to its original state in less than one second when pressure is taken off the product.  And this is forever. A true comfort will be experienced while weight will be supported, minimizing fatigue of joints and muscles.