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Corporate Responsibility

environmental policy

Omnipel applies an environmental policy inspired by the principles of sustainable development and respect for nature, committing to:

  • Carrying out company activities in compliance with laws, regulations, and in general with applicable legislation.
  • Adopting the necessary precautions for the prevention of pollution of the environment.
  • Pursuing the continuous improvement of its own and its partners’ environmental performance, progressively reducing the production of waste and the use of packaging.
  • Replacing additional textile fibers with highly sustainable ones, such as fibers coming from organic crops, recycled fibers from post-consumer materials such as plastic bottles, and many more.
  • Monitoring constantly its supply chain and taking appropriate corrective measures in case of need
  • Inform and involve employees and external collaborators of environmental policy in order to encourage the growth and diffusion of an environmental culture.

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For Omnipel it is essential to work in an atmosphere of trust and loyalty:

Both in relations with our customers and suppliers, and within our team, we put the person at the center of our priorities.

responsabilità aziendale
responsabilità aziendale