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Ecoline® Mirage an all-around-solution for the Footwear

Ecoline® Mirage is engineered to manage all of the moisture generated within the shoe environment and keep the foot  dry and comfortable. To relieve moisture, Ecoline® Mirage combines top layer  fiber.yarn and fabric construction with an hydrophilic feature in order to allow the moist to pass through.  The most basic feature of this line is ” 2-Layer construction “. The face layer is knitted with filaments and the other layer with spun yarns. One side guarantees good abrasion-resistance while the other side absorbs moisture and keep the foot cool. 

Conserving Resources: when style meets sustainability

Ecoline® Mirage is made 100% with recycled polyester yarn coming from PET bottles. This process reduces the impact of CO2 on the environment and make the whole process more sustainable.

The 2- Layer Comfort Lining® with Push-Pull Properties

Ecoline® Mirage is a 2-Layer Comfort Lining® which has a hydrophobic (water hating) face surface against the foot, made out of textured polyester. Polyester absorbs almost 0% moisture vapor. Since this top layer has such a low affinity for absorption, it stays very dry against the skin while the skin surface pushes moisture vapor through it and the hydrophilic layer easily pulls moisture away from this hydrophobic layer.

Where does the water go?

If the hydrophilic layer works so well to strip all moisture from the upper hydrophobic layer, what stops this pulling mechanism from overwhelming the laminated foam layer?” The same affinity for moisture, and the millions of small open spaces creating the reservoir effect keeps the upper hydrophobic layer dry. Only once the fiber and fabric structure become fully saturated, water would have a reason to be forced into the upper layer.

In these extreme cases, once the foot is removed and the shoe is opened, the rapid drying starts and moisture moves from the reservoir to the open air. As moisture dries, leaving the hydrophilic layer, the newly available hydrophilic spaces can quickly pull out any residual moisture left in the hydrophobic  environment of the foam layer. This drying mechanism occurs rapidly due to the differential attraction of water molecules in a 95-100% relative humidity environment vs. the much dryer environment found within an open shoe. The use of Ecoline® Mirage in footwear enhances this dynamic balancing act as both fabric and moisture (and the human body!) are always changing to reach their most ‘comfortable’ dry state.