Omnipel Technologies



Omnipel presents the revolutionary microfiber Inspire

The latest jewel in our collection is our Ecoline Microfiber Emotion that combines luxury quality and technical characteristics plus a sustainable approach.
It is almost unique material in its category and distinguishes itself for both aesthetical and technical aspects:

Highest quality both for softness and for colour range. This material highlights a full and luxury appearance, perfect for high end types of products. Very smooth and fine touch the velvety aspect is particularly predominant.


High resistance to abrasion and to flexions and a more that optimal colour fastness to rubbing both dry and humid. The compact and smooth surface remains also after a long usage


Inspire is at the moment the only microfiber on the market that combines aesthetic with sustainability. The raw material are recycled polyester fibers made from post consumer recycled from PET material. The poliurethane bonding is waterborne base and in not a single production process solvents are involved

All the features explained above make Inspire a unique on the market and ideal material to make high-end products that research aesthetic, technical aspects and sustainability