Omnipel Technologies


Poron® XRD™ - Extreme impact protection

Soft polyurethane foam that instantly turns into a protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force, hit after hit.

  • Absorbs up to 90% of Energy when impacted at high strain rates;
  • Instantly dissipates the Energy over a larger area;
  • Ability to keep its unique impact performance hit after hit.
  • Wearable protection: At rest or under low strain rates, Poron® XRD Material feels soft, comfortable, and contouring, allowing a wide range of movement.
  • After each impact Poron® XRD recaptures its original shape and consistency, remaining comfortable;
  • It is light and flexible;
  • It ensures excellent breathability and air flow;
  • Design advantage: available in a wide range of weights and thicknesses to meet design requirements.
    • 9 (144 kg/m3)
    • 12 (192 kg/m³)
    • 15 (240 kg/m³)
    • 20 (320 kg/m³)